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Meet Spellmint - The Future of Team Planning!

Swap chaos for clarity with Spellmint, the AI that turns brainstorming into brilliance. Equip your teams with cutting-edge planning tools for decision-making so smooth, it'll feel like gliding on air!

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Spellmint - Platform
Precise Product Planning

Transform Your Product Vision into Reality

Struggling with PRDs? Just feed Spellmint your product idea and watch it outline detailed requirements, user stories, and acceptance criteria. Experience efficient, smart planning that saves time and effort!

Masterful Marketing Strategy

Upgrade Your Marketing Gameplan with AI

With Spellmint, devise powerful marketing strategies and campaign plans, optimized to your target audience. It's like having a seasoned strategist on your team, available round the clock!

Accelerate Your Ambitions

AI-driven Growth Planning for Your Next Big Leap

From user acquisition strategies to retention plans, Spellmint provides actionable insights to fuel your growth. Just give it a hint, and witness the emergence of a comprehensive growth plan!

Designing Documented Brilliance

Effortlessly Articulate Your Design Ideas

Put your design concepts into concise, comprehensible documents. With Spellmint, create thorough UI/UX outlines and design roadmaps that speak your creative language.

Engineering Excellence

Technical Documentation, Simplified

Transform complex codes into straightforward documentation. Spellmint creates comprehensive guides, system overviews, and code explanations, making tech planning a breeze!

Financial Foresight

Turn Financial Complexity into Strategic Clarity

Spellmint simplifies financial planning and forecasting. Generate clear, concise reports, budget plans, and financial predictions that make fiscal sense!

Legal Ease

Legal Planning without the Jargon

Draft contracts, agreements, and policies without the legal jargon. Spellmint ensures clarity, compliance, and precision in your legal planning process.

Smarter HR Planning

Streamline HR Processes with AI

From recruitment strategies to employee development plans, Spellmint handles HR planning with professionalism and ease. It’s time to make HR tasks more manageable and efficient.

Boost Your Bytes

Next-Level Social Media & Web Creation - A Click Away

Spellmint is brewing up a storm for your social media strategies and website blueprints. Just a spoonful of your ideas, and poof! Imagine a digital genie at your service, 24/7. Ready to Conjure Up Some Planning Magic ?

Coming soon

Effortlessly Etch Your Website Blueprint with AI

Spellmint is readying its magic wand to transform your web planning. Picture this: your vision, translated into a complete website blueprint with UI design, UX flow, and layout structure - all conjured up by our AI wizard

Craft intricate layouts with the ease of a magic spell.

Create responsive designs that shape-shift to fit all.

Anticipate AI-assisted UI/UX mapping, sharper than an elf's eyesight.

Coming soon

Craft Witty and Winning Social Media Plans with AI

Spellmint turns into your own social media oracle! Draw up master plans, craft sassy posts, and conjure up a content calendar that'll have your audience hooked. All served with a side of AI wizardry!

Draft posts that'll make even Shakespeare envious.

Weave a content schedule tighter than a spider's web.

Get ready for AI-powered analytics sharper than a wizard's crystal ball.

Social Media

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